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AVR Butterfly Carrier

So, you bought an AVR Butterfly.  What a steal - only twenty bucks!  It plays music, shows the temperature and scrolls your name or a message across the display.  And you can pin it to your shirt - a wearable microcontroller!  What fun ... for a time.

But, if you want to get serious and make something out of your Butterfly, you have some work to do.  You'll need a power supply and a special cable to your PC's serial port.  Soldering on wires will soon bury your Butterfly in a tangle and headers soldered to the top stick up more than the LCD.  If you want to use the JTAG port, that header goes on the bottom!

Enter the ECROS Technology Butterfly Carrier.  This is a simple and robust circuit board that supports the expansion of your AVR Butterfly into a full MCU development system.  Using only headers on the underside, your Butterfly is connected to a power supply, a DE9 connector for a serial cable, a reset button and more than six square inches of prototyping space.  The ISP and JTAG ports are turned right-side-up and brought to the rear of the board, where you need them.  The Butterfly Carrier uses quality PCB construction with extra-wide traces and pads for ease of assembly.  All holes are plated through, even in the prototyping area.  You can buy just the bare board and assemble it from parts in your spares drawer, or you can buy it with a complete kit of parts.

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The Butterfly Carrier product line has been discontinued due to low demand. these pages are maintained for the benefit of existing owners.