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Dragon Rider 500

The ECROS Technology Dragon Rider 500 turns the Atmel AVR Dragon into a Development and Prototyping System comparable to the STK500.  With the Dragon attached safely and snugly underneath, the Dragon Rider presents the familiar array of sockets for a variety of microcontrollers, 10-pin headers for the general-purpose I/O ports, a reset button and jumpers for various options.

More about the AVR Dragon

The AVR Dragon is a low-cost programming and debugging interface for a wide range of Atmel microcontrollers.  As well as the older ISP and High Voltage programming methods and the JTAG programming/debugging interface, it supports the new debugWIRE debugging interface.  All-in-all, it offers a sub-set of the features of the JTAG ICE MkII at one sixth of the price.  A small drawback is the open board format.  However, it is only a programming / debugging interface and falls far short of the flexibility of the older STK500.  The "prototyping area" mentioned by Atmel in the literature is only a place to put a socket to carry a device being programmed.  A separate target board is needed to get anything running.  The Dragon Rider 500 is intended to add to the AVR Dragon the features that Atmel users have been accustomed to on the STK500.

Dragon Rider 500 Features

NOTE FOR EXISTING OWNERS: The Parts Kits have been reorganized to better reflect what people are buying and in an attempt to avoid a price increase for the majority of new buyers (more information ...)

Basic Features (Included in the Basic Parts Kit)

Refer also to the Parts & Assembly page.

High-Voltage Programming (Requires High-Voltage Programming Parts Kit)

Add-On Features (Require Add-on Parts Kits)

Other Features (Require Individual Components)

User's Guide

For more information, please download the Dragon Rider 500 User's Guide (Current revision: Preliminary, D, March 2, 2008).

Compatible Microcontrollers

For detailed information on using these microcontrollers with the Dragon Rider, please click a link in the navigation bar at the top left of this page or refer to the appropriate section in the User's Guide.

Price and Ordering

Due to the gradual rise in electronic component prices, perhaps due to increases in the price of metals, such as copper, in November 2014, the prices of some of the Dragon Rider 500 kits has been increased for the first time since they were introduced in 2007.  To partly make up for this, the price of the PCB has been reduced.

The Dragon Rider 500 and Parts Kits are available at the following pricing:

† The Ribbon Cable Accessory Kit consists of two feet of 10-way grey ribbon cable and six 10-pin sockets.  From this you can assemble three cables of the type supplied with the Atmel STK500 (but longer) for use with the Dragon Rider.  You can also make a cable to daisy-chain multiple add-on circuits to the same port, so read the descriptions of the Add-on Parts Kits before you cut the cable.  To squeeze the insulation-displacement sockets onto the cable, you will need a vise or some other suitable tool.

Atmel AVR Dragon

You should generally purchase your AVR Dragon from an Atmel distributor.  However, should you wish ECROS Technology to purchase it on your behalf, please use the button below to add it to your shopping cart.  The price includes inbound shipping and a handling fee.  There may be a delay of between three and ten business days in processing your order, as the AVR Dragon is not always held in stock.