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AVR "ICE-Cube" JTAG In-Circuit Emulator Interface

The ECROS Technology AVR "ICE-Cube" is a high-quality but low-cost alternative to Atmel's JTAG ICE interface for AVR microcontrollers.  Its design places a strong emphasis on dependability and no corners have been cut in power supply isolation and immunity from electromagnetic interference. Although affordable to the serious hobbyist, and despite its cute name, the AVR ICE-Cube is a professional-quality tool, well suited to use in a commercial setting.

To reduce both cost and bench space, the AVR ICE-Cube has a unique mechanical design.  All the electronics are squeezed onto a small printed circuit board less than 1.5 by 1 inches, barely larger than the passive connector of Atmel's JTAG ICE - about the size of an ice cube!  The device "perches" on the target system's JTAG connector, requiring no bench space of its own.  An attached shielded 6 foot cable runs to a DB9 for connection to the host system serial port.

In case you prefer to work with your JTAG ICE interface to one side, an accessory cable adapter is available.  Using this and a 10-pin ribbon cable you can place the AVR ICE-Cube on the bench and connect to your target system with the cable.  Suitable cables are included by Atmel with the STK500 and are also available as accessories with the AVR ICE-Cube.

More Information

Click this button for a Comparison of the ICE-Cube and alternatives such as the Atmel JTAG ICE, other "clones" and building a JTAG ICE interface yourself
Click this button to go to the Web-based User's Guide of the AVR ICE-Cube
Click this button to read what users have said about the AVR ICE-Cube

No Longer Available For Purchase

The ECROS Technology has closed down and the AVR ICE-Cube is no longer available for purchase.  These pages are maintained for the benefit of existing owners.

DB9 connects to host computer running the debugging software. JTAG interface sits on top of the target system connector. 6 foot shielded cable.