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AVR Butterfly Carrier - Features

Atmel's AVR Butterfly

The AVR Butterfly is based on the ATmega169 MCU (with built-in LCD driver) and has a seven-digit, 16-segment LCD glass (eight digit, actually, but one isn't connected), a joystick, photocell, thermistor, piezo speaker and interfaces for external circuits.  There are lots of things you can do with this very inexpensive device.  It even has a pin so you can wear it on your shirt!

However, as it is so small and light, it can be a bit difficult to get to grips with.  There is no space for expansion and you could easily end up burying it in a tangle of wires.  Finally, the battery has almost no spare power for additional circuits.

The ECROS Technology AVR Butterfly Carrier

The ECROS Technology Butterfly Carrier makes working with the Atmel AVR Butterfly simple and convenient. By mounting your Butterfly on the ECROS Technology Butterfly Carrier, you can make use of the following convenience features:

A Testimonial

"... to my left is a jumble of wires, to my right a single card", Nick, North Carolina.

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