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Shipping and Payment

ECROS Technology ships only using the United States Postal Service®.  Within the USA, the USPS has fast, low-cost delivery methods, expedited delivery, works six days a week and delivers to post office boxes.  Outside the USA, the USPS provides straightforward support for customs forms and regulations.

Shipping charges are added by the PayPal® Shopping Cart on Check Out.  They are calculated based on the estimated shipping weight of your order.  A handling fee is included which depends on whether packing materials are supplied by the USPS and how much documentation must be filled out.  You can select from Standard and various expedited delivery methods, although the latter are very much more expensive than the former.  Most customers are happy with Standard delivery.  In the USA, this is Priority Mail®, which takes approximately two days to addresses East of the Mississippi and three days to the West.

For information specific to your part of the world, please select your region on the map or from the list below:

Some Questions (and their Answers)

Q1: I don't want to pay by PayPal®.  What should I do?
A1: Click on "Proceed to Checkout" anyway, select a shipping method and, instead of clicking the "Pay $XX.XX Now" button, print out the Web page. Send this to ECROS Technology at the address on the contact page.  If you include payment as a check or money order denominated in US Dollars, your order will be processed when the payment clears the bank.  If you do not include payment, you will be invoiced and the order processed when payment is received.  Unless you have made prior arrangements, payment is required before the order will be shipped.  Don't forget to include a shipping address and, if you want notification by e-mail, a valid e-mail address.

Q2: I don't want to click any PayPal® buttons.  Now what?
A2: Send a letter or e-mail to ECROS Technology listing the items you want to order and you will be invoiced.

Q3: Can I use this Web site without Javascript enabled?
A3: This Web site uses Javascript for two purposes.  First, scripts are used to conceal certain things from harvesters, which could otherwise collect information about ECROS Technology.  Second, scripts are used to pop up small windows for images you'll probably want to look at while you read technical pages.  If, without these two features, you find something you want, by all means send a letter and you will be invoiced.  You will not be able to send an e-mail, because e-mail addresses are one of the things obfuscated with scripts.

Q4: What if my order is lost or damaged in shipping?
A4: You can purchase shipping insurance at extra cost.  Please click on your region, above, and read the information provided.  You may have to use an expedited shipping method.  Very, very few shipping losses have occured in many hundreds of shipments and the policy of not automatically providing insurance has saved customers thousands of dollars.  Nevertheless, the decision is yours alone and ECROS Technology does not take responsibility for damage or loss to uninsured shipments.

Q5: Do I need to supply a telephone number?
A5: For orders shipped to an address in the USA using a non-expedited service, no.  Otherwise, it is a very good idea to supply a telephone number.  For expedited shipping services, there is a place for this on the shipping label and the shipper will contact you if there is a problem with delivery.  When your shipment has to pass through customs, it can be helpful to supply local contact information so that the customs people can call you if they have questions or there is a problem.  You can add your telephone number as a note to PayPal® orders or send it separately by e-mail.

Q6: What sort of problems come up with shipments outside the USA?
A6: German customs can be strict about seeing the invoice, which is why it is now attached to the outside of the package.  The Italian postal service insists on addresses being exactly correctly written and may destroy packages if there is the tiniest error.  New Zealand expects the recipient to obtain an import license, although in practice this rule does not seem always to be enforced.

Q7: What about taxes, customs forms and duty?
A7: Please see the page dedicated to that topic.

Q8: What happens if all the items I order are not in stock?
A8: You are charged shipping for what you order.  What is in stock will ship promptly.  If it is necessary to make a second shipment, there will be no additional charge.  If it is not possible to ship certain items (this has never happened), you will be refunded shipping as well as the purchase price.