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About ECROS Technology

Graham Davies ran ECROS Technology from 2006 to 2019 as a sole proprietorship, offering consulting, contracting and design services in the embedded systems industry.  He also designed, manufactured and marketed a variety of products for use by professionals and enthusiasts working in embedded systems.  Interest in hybrid vehicles, and the Toyota Prius in particular, led him to invent the "Prius Mini-Scanner" which allows owners of this car to monitor the operation of the hybrid power train.

Privacy Policy

ECROS Technology's privacy policy is simple.  I only have information about you if you sent it to me and I never give it to anyone else.  Any "leads" from third parties ("You should e-mail so-and-so about such-and-such!") are discarded if there is no response.  I may use your e-mail address for technical support updates on my products and, occasionally, to inform you of related new products.  At your request, I will discard information about you that I don't have to keep for tax records.

About Graham Davies

Graham Davies was in the Embedded Systems field for four decades.  He worked in England, France and the United States in the areas of military electronics, communications systems, electronic design automation and radio requency identification (RFID).  His skills and experience encompassed hardware design of digital, analog and data conversion systems, ASIC design, both digital and mixed-signal, and software design and implementation using object-based techniques in the C and C++ languages and, where needed, assembler.  He wrote tools and small applications for hosted systems in these languages plus the PERL scripting language.  He also wrote his own documentation using correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

About this Web Site

For your convenience, this Web site is free of excessive graphics, movies and complicated scripts that would slow it down.  It is hosted on a Linux server by AccuWebHosting.com and produced with an unholy mixture of PERL scripts, hand editing of HTML and Namo WebEditor.


All material on this Web Site is Copyright  Graham Davies and/or ECROS Technology and is protected under US and International law.  Fair use is permitted as defined in the United States Code, Title 17 (Copyrights), Chapter 1 (Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright), Section 107 (Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use).  Fair use includes viewing, downloading and printing for your personal non-commercial use.  You may link from your Web site to any page in this Web site that contains text identifying the copyright holder.  You may not republish this material, including but not limited to serving complete or partial copies of my material from your Web site.  You may not make any commercial use of this material whatsoever (other than linking to it as described above) without my prior written permission.  Please do not link directly to any images on this Web site.


Information presented on this Web site has been subjected to best-effort verification using the resources at my disposal.  Or, in some cases, and it should be clear where, it is only an opinion.

I accept no liability whatsoever for your use of this Web site or the information on it or linked to it except in so far as that information relates directly to ECROS Technology products.  In the latter case, liability is strictly limited to the repair or replacement of the affected product or, at my discretion, the refund of all monies paid for the affected product.