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ECROS Technology Products

ECROS Technology designs, manufactures and markets a range of products for:

Embedded Systems

Electronics Enthusiasts
(a.k.a. "Hobbyists")

Owners of the Toyota
Prius Hybrid Car

The AVR "ICE-Cube" is a compact and inexpensive replacement for the Atmel JTAG ICE.  With it, you can access the OCD (On-Chip Debug) features of the AVR microcontrollers that have JTAG interfaces.

The Butterfly Carrier makes using an AVR Butterfly as a development platform easy.  It features a power supply, a DB9 for the serial port, a reset switch and prototype area.  JTAG and ICE headers are brought to the rear.

The Prius Mini-Scanner lets you see what's really going on in the hybrid powertrain.  It connects to the car via the existing ODB-II socket.  You can monitor the battery charge, current, motor spin, torque, and much more.

The above are just examples of our products.  Please use the menu on the left hand side to explore.  Products are grouped according to application area.  High quality and low cost mean that many will be interesting to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Design Philosophy

ECROS Technology product designs are of high quality, taking into account cost, usability and reliability.  Each product is fully documented so you know what you're getting and how get the greatest use out of it.