Most ECROS Technology products can be ordered online right from this Web site.  On their description pages, you will see the price and an "Add To Cart" button.  Collect your purchases in the cart and then check out.  You can pay online with a credit card or eCheck using PayPal®.  Click the logo for information about PayPal®.

PayPal® takes care to verify merchants who use them to accept payments.  To check the verification status of ECROS Technology, click the seal to the left.  You must open a PayPal account and log in to check merchant status in this way.  You will also have a chance to check this information when you check out.  To the right of User Status: there will be a link "Verified Business Member" and a number.  Click the link for more information and an explanation.

You can also pay for your purchases by check or money order.  The Shopping Cart is still useful to record and total up your order.  Go to the checkout but, instead of paying with PayPal®, save the Web page and e-mail it to ECROS Technology.

Please visit the Shopping Cart page for more information.  Or go to the Products page and begin browsing the product categories.


If your address is in the USA (all 50 states), your order will not weigh more than one pound and you are happy with USPS Priority Mail®, then you do not need to know anything else about shipping.  The shopping cart will add $5.00 to cover it.  Otherwise, please visit the Shipping page for information about shipping outside the USA, shipping heavy orders and faster (and slower) shipping methods.

Tax and Duty

If your shipping address is outside the USA or in the state of Massachusetts, please visit the Tax and Duty page for additional information about taxes, customs and duty.


Please visit the Insurance page if you would like to purchase shipping insurance.