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Click here to view the contents of your shopping cart

Using the Shopping Cart

Most ECROS Technology products are priced and available for ordering online.  When this is the case, you will see this button:

Clicking the button will add an item to a PayPal® shopping cart, starting a new one if necessary.  This does not commit you to any relationship with PayPal®.  The PayPal® server and scripts are just being used to assemble and price your order.  Since your order is held in a cookie on your computer, you can leave and come back at any time.  To see what is in your cart if you have closed the shopping cart window, click a "View Cart" button such as the one above.

For products not accompanied by an "Add To Cart" button, please contact ECROS Technology to discuss pricing.

Completing an Order Through PayPal®

If you wish to complete and pay for an order using PayPal®, check out normally when you have finished adding items to your cart.  If you do not have a PayPal® account, you can sign up for one, link a credit card to it and make the payment.  A personal PayPal® account is free; fees are levied against the merchant (that's me).  You can also use PayPal® to pay with a credit card without opening an account.

The payment notification that PayPal® sends to ECROS Technology includes the address you supply during sign-up.  Please make sure this is correct, as this is where your stuff will be sent.  You will be given the opportunity to add any special message you want to send along with your order.  If your address is outside the USA, it is a good idea to provide a telephone number to be included on the customs forms.

Paying for an Order by Check

If you do not wish to pay using PayPal®, complete your order using the shopping cart, go to the checkout (click the Secure Checkout button) but stop there.  Instead, use your browser's "Save As..." feature to save the final contents of the shopping cart to an HTML file.  Send this to and you will get back an address to which you can send a check in US Dollars.  If you just want one or two items, you can skip the Add To Cart buttons and just send an e-mail.

If you suspect the weight of the order might exceed one pound, please give your zip code so that shipping charges can be calculated.  If your shipping address is outside the U.S.A., just the country is enough.

Please make checks out to "ECROS Technology".  Personal checks must clear before the order will be shipped.