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Taxes, Customs Forms and Customs Duty

Massachusetts State Sales Tax

ECROS Technology is legally required to levy state sales tax on orders shipped to addresses in Massachusetts.

If you use the PayPal® shopping cart and have given a Massachusetts address to PayPal®, then sales tax will automatically be computed and added when you reach the checkout.  You can use this to total up your order even if you don't intend to continue through the checkout and pay using PayPal®.  If you wish to pay by check or money order and do not use the shopping cart (or do not give your address), please be sure to add sales tax at 5% to your total (before shipping fees) if your shipping address is in Massachusetts.  You can also request that ECROS Technology computes your sales tax.

Shipments to addresses is in Massachusetts will not go out until state tax is paid.

Non-US Taxes

Local taxes and duties are the responsibility of the buyer.  You may have to pay these taxes, such as Value Added Tax, before you can get the package from your postal service.  Please look into this before you order.  I cannot find out for you what taxes you will have to pay in your country.

Customs (outside the USA)

The package will have to clear customs in your country before it is sent on to you.  How difficult this is varies widely country-by-country.  Please look into the customs procedures of your country before you order.  I will do my best to help your package get through customs, but I cannot be responsible for delays, seizure or destruction.  If you provide me with a telephone number, I will place this on the package.  This may be helpful if there are problems in customs.

Customs Form

I attach a customs form to the outside of your package.  I fill out the 6-digit HS tariff number† as 854319 and the country of origin of the goods as USA.  Where permitted, I use Form 2976‡, which is simple to fill out and just sticks to the package like an extra label.  Certain countries and/or shipping methods require Form 2976-A‡.  This is a larger form which takes longer to fill out and has to be attached to the package in a special envelope 2976-E.  If you require Form 2976-A, you must let me know at the time of ordering.  There will be an additional charge of $1.00 for the more complicated procedure.

† For more information on Harmonized System (HS) tariff numbers, see http://www.ita.doc.gov/td/tic/tariff/hs_numbers.htm.

‡ For more information on customs forms, see http://webapps.usps.com/customsforms/.

When I ship the package, I will send you the Customs Label Number.  This may allow you to find out whether the package was received by customs in your country and what its clearance status is.

Customs Duty

You will have to pay any customs duty required in your country.  On the customs form, ECROS Technology will represent all goods as "merchandise" and declare the value of the goods as the price you are paying, excluding shipping fees.  Please do not request that the value of the goods be understated or the shipment be misrepresented as a gift, samples, etc.  You may want to find out what the duty will be before you order.


To help with passage through customs, I put your invoice in a plastic pouch on the outside of the package.  This generally works quite well, however if the country you live in has other requirements, for example duplicate invoices, you must let me know at the time of ordering.