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New Production Run

The Prius Mini-Scanner was discontinued for reasons explained here.

Whether or not there are enough potential buyers of the Prius Mini-Scanner to justify a new production run has been a subject of controversy since I decided to discontinue it.  In May 2011, Don Wagler suggested in e-mail to me that he could round up a large number of buyers.  Although I am skeptical, it would seem a disservice to the Prius community not to co-operate with this effort.  A description of the "rules of engagement" and how Don wants to be contacted follow.

Deposits: Don needs to find 50 buyers and collect a deposit of $100 from each of them by July 15, 2011.  Deposits will be refunded if Don fails to find enough buyers or if I find that some essential part can no longer be obtained.  Don will accept deposits by check and also by PayPal.  If you pay into his PayPal account other than by balance transfer, PayPal will subtract a merchant fee and this may not be refundable, ask Don for details about how he intends to mitigate this problem.

Price: The price is provisionally set at $229.  The increase covers increases in the cost of parts and a small sum to compensate Don for all the trouble he will be going through.  The price may be lower when I price the parts, but will not be higher.

Shipping: I will ship according to the normal ECROS Technology procedures.  For example, Priority Mail in the USA will cost you about six bucks, plus insurance if you want it.  Outside of the USA, shipping is cost plus about five bucks for all the stupid paperwork that has to be filled out.  You will be responsible for local duty and taxes; I will not lie on customs forms, so please do not ask.

Warranty: Prius Mini-Scanners from this new run will be warranteed for one year from the date of shipment.  This is basically to limit the time for which I am obliged to keep my 2001 Prius.  This is in contrast to the vague, indefinite I-will-make-you-happy warranty of the earlier runs.  In practice, there were no problems during the first year of use.  One person required a new DLC adapter after smashing his with his foot getting into the car.  One display failed, which I replaced by sending the new part to be installed by the owner.  I was unable to help the person whose girlfriend threw a bucket of water over the Mini-Scanner while washing the car with the window open.  In summary, there is evidence that less than one percent of Mini-Scanners develop problems of any kind during their service life.

Contact: Don has opened a PayPal account to escrow the deposits at firstname-dot-lastname-at-gmail-dot-com (his name, not mine).  You can presumably contact him at this e-mail address.  If you want to send a check, you can ask him for his postal address.  If he puts up a Web page or published any other contact information, I will link to it here.