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Products related to Atmel AVR Microcontrollers

AVR "ICE-Cube" JTAG for Atmel AVR ATmega

Small size / low weight JTAG ICE Mk I substitute for ATmega MCUs with JTAG interfaces - fully compatible with AVR Studio, AVaRICE, CrossWorks for AVR, etc. - target powered, 3 V to 5.5V.

Accessories also available.

Atmel AVR "Butterfly" Carrier

Done all you can with your AVR Butterfly?  Give it a new lease of life by mounting it on the Butterfly Carrer and making it into a complete MCU development system.

Available as a bare board and with parts kit.

Atmel AVR "Dragon Rider" 500

The ECROS Technology Dragon Rider fits over the AVR Dragon and provides target sockets for 40-, 28-, 20- and 8-pin microcontrollers, standard Atmel 10-pin port headers, add-on LEDs, switches, an LCD, serial interface and an external power supply.  Programming connections are made with header shunts, not jumper wires, and the board is quickly reconfigurable for different target types.

Expansion Board for Atmel STK500

Build your own projects on the Atmel STK500 using the EXPAND0 and 1 connectors and this inexpensive expansion board.  Eight square inches of prototyping space with true plated-though holes and a JTAG header for on-chip debug of ATmega16/32 MCUs.  Also available with parts kit.  A version is also available with a pre-defined footprint for the 2-line by 16-character LCD module used in the Dragon Rider 500 LCD Add-on Parts Kit.