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Product Design

If you know what you need and just want to get it done, ECROS Technology can take on the whole job.  We can write the formal requirements, review them with you, produce design specifications and test plans and proceed through implementation.  We can hand off a design package to your operations people, your preferred manufacturers or take it all the way to a final physical product.

Contract Engineering

If you are temporarily short of staff or prefer not to take on too many permanent employees, ECROS Technology can fill in the gap.  We have experience in many aspects of embedded systems design from requirements gathering, system architecture specification, design of hardware and software, implementation and test.

Engineering Process Consulting

ECROS Technology can help you organize your embedded systems development.  Many projects fail because they were not at the outset put on the rails that lead to success.  We can help you establish a clear idea of what has to be done, make sure your timescales are reasonable and your people properly equipped and trained to accomplish the job.