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Shipping to Addresses in the USA

Do I Need to Read This?

Probably not. Here is the Executive Summary:

You might want to keep reading in the following cases:

Shipping Policy

ECROS Technology offers only USPS shipping and ships from Eastern Massachusetts.  Your shipping address can be a company address, a residential address or a Post Office Box.  Shipping fees will be calculated when you check out using the PayPal® shopping cart.  At that time, you can choose either Standard or Express shipping, see below for details.  When you complete the order and pay, the appropriate fee will be added.

If you are not going to pay using PayPal®, proceed to the checkout anyway.  Make a note of the calculated shipping charge and be sure to add this to the amount paid.  In fact, the shopping cart will have done all the math for you.  You can print out the Web page and mail it with your check.  If you do not wish to proceed to the PayPal® checkout or to even click the Add To Cart buttons, please Contact ECROS Technology with your selection of products and we will invoice you for the full amount, including shipping.

Standard Shipping (USPS Priority Mail®)

Standard shipping is by USPS Priority Mail®.  Delivery is estimated to be two to three days.  In practice, packages arrive in two days in the East and over much of the middle of the country and rarely take more than three days, even to Hawaii.  Take this into account when thinking about Express service. 

The cost to you of standard shipping is the actual USPS charge plus a small handling fee.  The USPS charge depends on the package weight and how far away you are from the post office where it starts its journey.  You can research this on the USPS Web site, using 02459 as the origin ZIP code.  In setting up the PayPal® shopping cart, an allowance has been made for the weight of packing materials.  Also, since PayPal® knows the state you live in, but not the USPS Zone with 02459 as the origin, you may be slightly overcharged if you live in the eastern part of a state that straddles two zones.  This only applies to packages over one pound in weight (below that, it costs the same to everywhere).  The handling fee, for no very good reason, is $0.80 plus $0.10 per pound or part thereof.

Insurance for Standard Shipping

Fees for standard shipping do not include insurance against loss or damage.  The responsibility of ECROS Technology for your purchased items ends when they are packed and delivered to USPS for shipment.  Very few losses have occurred and it is probably not worth insuring low value orders.  However, you may elect to purchase insurance at additional cost.  Use the buttons at right to add the appropriate fee to your shopping cart.  See also Note 1, below.

Express Shipping (USPS Express Mail®)

Express shipping is by USPS Express Mail®.  In most cases, this service results in next-day delivery, however, read the USPS description of the service and use the Delivery Time calculator to find out how quickly an Express Mail shipment will reach you, especially if you are in an out-of-the-way location.  For the origin ZIP Code™, use 02459. 

It is advisable to provide a telephone number for Express Mail® service.

ECROS Technology cannot, unfortunately, guarantee that an order with express shipping will be shipped in any particular timeframe.  Reasonable efforts will be made to get such orders to a post office early on the morning after they are received.

The cost to you of express shipping is the actual USPS charge plus a small handling fee.  The USPS charge depends on the package weight only. You can find a complete table of rates for USPS Express Mail® on the USPS Web site.

Insurance for Express Shipping

USPS Express Mail® includes insurance against loss or damage for up to $100.00.  You can purchase insurance with a higher value limit at additional cost.  Use the buttons at right to add the appropriate fee to your shopping cart.  You must be present at delivery to sign for the package or additional insurance is void.  See also Note 1, below.

Note 1 - USPS limits insurance claims to the lower of the value of the items lost or damaged and the limit for which insurance was purchased.