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Industrial Display and Keypad Sub-System


Taking on too many projects, like over-booking airline flights, may maximize revenue, but it hurts customers.  ECROS Technology does not take on projects that cannot be completed on time or would jeopardize the completion of other projects.  As a result, from time to time, there are spells with no customer work in progress.  This doesn't always mean a trip to the beach!  We are always working on ideas and in-house projects to extend our capability and familiarize ourselves with interesting products and technologies.  Occasionally, such a project matches up with a customer requirement and results in very rapid deployment, as was the case with this display and keypad sub-system for an industrial application.

A user's main interaction with a system is through the user interface and their first impression of the system's quality can be influenced by how well this works for them.  Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are very common, but are often chosen for their low cost without regard to the impression this gives to the user.  ECROS Technology decided to develop a large display for industrial systems that would render text and simple graphics on a high-contrast, brightly-lit graphical LCD.  Fonts would be designed for legibility and attractiveness, rather than fitting to the common 8 by 5 pixel format, opening the possibility of alphabets other than the simple Roman alphabet used by the English language and encoded in the ASCII character set.  The display would have a keypad port and would communicate with a host system over a serial link using TIA-232F (RS-232) or TIA-422-B (RS-422) signaling.


Please contact ECROS Technology if you are interested in a product similar to the one described here.