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Z8 Encore! Target Interface Module

TinyTIMThe ECROS Technology "Tiny-TIM" is a reduced-size, low-weight replacement for the ZiLOG Target Interface Module.  Instead of a bulky, heavy DB9 connector, it uses a simple ten-pin header as the host system connection.  The cable to the host is a ten-way ribbon cable, also lighter and more flexible than a standard serial cable.  It terminates in a female DB9 and so plugs directly into a PC COM port.

Click this button to see Tiny-TIM and the ZiLOG TIM together.  Note how much size and mass the DB9 connector adds to the ZiLOG TIM.  In fact, the ZiLOG TIM has a "foot" underneath to support this weight, assuming you're working at exactly the right height from the bench!

Using Tiny-TIM, you can locate a debug header anywhere on your circuit board.  It is not necessary to have it overhanging an edge.  Pins can be straight up, rather than parallel to the board, saving valuable space.  Tiny-TIM connects from above!

Click this button to see Tiny-TIM in action with the ECROS Technology Mini-Scanner Mark II.  Note how Tiny-TIM connects from above.  To use the ZiLOG TIM, it would be necessary to cut a notch in the case.

You can also specify a right-angle target system connector (like the ZiLOG TIM) when ordering.  With this option, you can connect from the side or, because of its small size and low weight, connect from above with Tiny-TIM standing on end.  Move your mouse cursor over the photograph above to see the right-angle target system connector.  If you want to wire a Tiny-TIM directly to your board or to add your own flying cable, you can order a Tiny-TIM without a target system connector.  Note that this makes testing more difficult and so does not reduce the price.


The circuit of Tiny-TIM is based on a design published by ZiLOG (click here for more information).  It has been tested with ZiLOG development boards and independently designed and manufactured Z8 Encore! systems.

Note that ZiLOG report problems with the Target Interface Module and certain host systems, particularly notebook computers.  Tiny-TIM has been tested with a Dell Inspiron 4150 notebook and works as well as the ZiLOG TIM and better (faster) than the Smart Cable.  If you have problems with your Tiny-TIM, you can return it for a full refund.

Price and Ordering

ECROS Technology has discontinued the Tiny-TIM due to lack of demand.  These pages are maintained for existing users.