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Flash Loader for ZiLOG Z8 Encore!

The ECROS Technology Flash Loader enables the field update of firmware in products based on the ZiLOG Z8 Encore! microcontroller.  By connecting a serial port to a terminal or computing device, such as a PC or PDA, a user can test a new firmware file, erase the existing firmware, program, and verify the new firmware.  Key features of the ECROS Technology Flash Loader are:

The User Manual contains a detailed description of the Flash Loader.

Free 30-Day Evaluation

ECROS Technology will grant you free of charge a license to use a pre-configured version of the Flash Loader for 30 days for evaluation purposes only.

Object Code Licenses

An object code license allows you to use the Flash Loader in a personal or commercial project.  ECROS Technology performs configuration according to your specification at the time of purchase.

Flash Loader Object License for one MCU UART Bit Rate $5.00
Flash Loader Object License, additional configuration and test $10.00
Additional Flash Loader Object Licenses, second to fourth $4.00
Additional Flash Loader Object Licenses, fifth to tenth $3.00
Additional Flash Loader Object Licenses, eleventh and above $2.00

A $5.00 processing fee is added to all orders and appears as a shipping charge.  Support for object licenses is limited to the correction of any defects.

Source Code Licenses

You can purchase a source code license for the Flash Loader.  This allows you to use the Flash Loader in any number of projects, perform configuration as needed and make any changes that are outside the scope of the standard configuration options.

Flash Loader Source License $300.00

Questions and Answers

Do you have questions about the ECROS Technology Flash Loader?  Perhaps they are already answered here.  If not, please contact ECROS Technology.

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