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ECROS is the Embedded, Collaborative Realtime Operating System.  It is designed for use in low cost embedded systems where read/write memory is often limited.  ECROS provides multi-tasking services without allocating a software stack to each task, thus dramatically reducing memory use for non-trivial numbers of tasks.  Tasks are scheduled according to priority, with tasks at the same priority scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.  The work of each task is carried out by a user-supplied C language function which must return to yield control back to the scheduler.  Thus, the tasks collaborate on scheduling, giving up the CPU by design, rather than being preempted by the scheduler.  As well as eliminating the stack-for-each-task problem, this design has many other benefits which are fully exploited by ECROS to increase efficiency and ease of use.

Key features of ECROS are:

Tasks do not need to be concerned about interference from other tasks since they retain the CPU until they voluntarily give it up.  However, interrupt service routines still preempt tasks and critical regions may be needed to temporarily disable interrupts depending on the system design.

ECROS Application Programming Interface

As in other operating systems, applications gain access to the services of ECROS using an Application Programming Interface (API).  This consists mainly of functions plus a few global variables.

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