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Flexi-PSU and Mini-PSU Power Supply

Designed with flexibility in mind, the ECROS Technology Flexi-PSU and Mini-PSU meet the power supply needs of many projects:

The Mini-PSU places emphasis on small size, measuring only 1.9 by 1.4 in. (48 x 36 mm) with lay-flat regulator mounting.  Using a small heatsink, the height is only 0.5 in. (13 mm).  The maximum power dissipation of the regulator is three to five watts, depending on the heatsink. 

For higher power applications, the Flexi-PSI is somewhat larger at 2.5 by 1.5 in. (63 x 38 mm) with a large stand-up heatsink.  It can handle a regulator power of 20 watts or more.

Both Mini-PSU and Flexi-PSU are available as bare printed circuit boards (PCBs) so you can select your own regulator device and design a circuit to meet your precise needs.  Complete technical details are provided, carefully describing the function of every component in the circuit, so you can decide whether it is needed and what values would work best.  (Some understanding of the basic principles of electronics will be necessary for you to design your own power supply.)

ECROS Technology also supplies complete kits with the PCB and all parts to build fixed-output and adjustable supplies with popular specifications.  You just need basic soldering skills to put them together.  Even experienced circuit designers may find the kits useful as a starting point as they contain many generally useful components and you can swap the parts for others in your spares drawer.

With some simple metalwork and a bit of ingenuity you can turn a Flexi-PSU or Mini-PSU into a miniature laboratory bench power supply. You will need a potentiometer (rather than the trimmers in the kits), some terminals and perhaps a switch, but the PCBs provide just the foundation you need for this rewarding project.

Bare Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

For detailed technical descriptions of the Mini-PSU and Flexi-PSU PCBs use the navigation links at the top-left of the page.

ECROS Technology PCBs are industrial grade with double-sided routing, plated-through holes and solder masks on both sides.  Component locations are marked with a silk-screen on the top side.  Exposed copper is finished with gold for long shelf-life and easy soldering.

Complete Parts Kits with PCBs

Parts kits are based around a particular regulator device, selected for simple operation and useful voltage and current output characteristics.  For detailed technical descriptions, use the navigation links at the top-left of the page.

ECROS Technology parts kits use all new, full specification components (nothing is surplus or off-brand).