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AVR ICE-Cube Testimonials

These are direct quotes from users of the ECROS Technology AVR ICE-Cube.  None of these comments were solicited.  They were e-mailed to ECROS Technology or appeared in discussion groups related to AVR microcontrollers.  Nothing appears here without permission.

Within Minutes

"Within minutes I had it working, and soon thereafter had my bug fixed" - Thomas Andrews, Blio, Cape Town, South Africa (http://www.blio.com).

Atmel JTAG ICE on the shelf!

"... my real JTAG ICE sits on the shelf now, and I just use the ICECube" - Marcus Clyne, principal of Interlink Research, New Zealand (http://www.ilr.co.nz).

Money Well Spent

"You've saved me from makng my own emulator. Money well spent IMHO!" - Chris Lockwood, Freelance Design Engineer, Perth, Australia.

"So far so good" (obviously prepared for anything)

"... so far so good, works a treat."  - Graeme Burdis, proprietor of Microknight, United Kingdom.

"Rocks" (is this a pun on "Ice"?)

"Your AVR-ICE Cube product rocks!" - a Systems Engineer at an electronics research, development, and manufacturing company.

"Well worth the money"

"[the ICE-Cube] is a great device and I will be using it in projects to come.  [It is] well worth the money" - anonymous.

"Must Have"

"It's a 'must have' for any serious work if you're budget conscious." - Ulrich Steinberg.