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ECROS Technology - The Home of ECROS - the Embedded, Collaborative, Realtime Operating System
ECROS Technology Closed for Business ...

... but Thanks for your Custom!

ECROS Technology ended operation on December 31, 2019. This Web site will be maintained for some time for reference by people who have purchased products. Design services are no longer available, products are no longer for sale and support is no longer provided.

Archived Product Pages

Dragon Rider 500

The Atmel AVR Dragon is a low-cost programmer for the entire line of AVR microcontrollers and provides on-chip debugging for those with 32 kbytes or less of program memory.  However, it has no space for a target system and so falls short of the function of the venerable STK500.

Enter the Dragon Rider!  The ECROS Technology Dragon Rider fits over the AVR Dragon and provides target sockets for 40-, 28-, 20- and 8-pin microcontrollers, standard Atmel 10-pin port headers, add-on LEDs, switches, an LCD, serial interface and an external power supply.  Programming connections are made with header shunts, not jumper wires, and the board is quickly reconfigurable for different target types.

AVR ICE-Cube Debug Interface

Small size / low weight JTAG ICE substitute for many of Atmel's ATmega MCUs with JTAG interfaces.  Fully compatible with AVR Studio.  Target powered, 3 V to 5.5V operation.

STK500 Expansion Board

Build your own projects on the Atmel STK500 using the expansion connectors and this inexpensive board.  Eight square inches of prototyping space with true plated-though holes and an on-chip JTAG debug header.

Configurable Mini-Power Supply

Printed Circuit Board and Parts Kits to make fixed and adjustable voltage power supplies for your projects.  Use stand-alone, or mount on your project board.

The Mini-PSU's Big Brother - the Flexi-PSU

Just like the Mini-PSU, the Flexi-PSU printed circuit board allows you to build a power supply around the regulator of your choice.  However, it is a little larger and uses a vertical, finned heatsink for considerably greater heat dissipation.

The Traffic Lights Project

This embedded systems project with real-world goals allows you to start small but build up to a simulation of a real traffic intersection with pedestrians, emergency vehicles, night mode and more.

Toyota Prius Mini-Scanner

Display power-train operating information directly from on-board computers in this gasoline/electric hybrid car.  No vehicle modifications are needed; the Mini-Scanner remains in the car as long as you want.

Atmel AVR Butterfly Carrier

Done all you can with your AVR Butterfly?  Give it a new lease of life by mounting it on the Butterfly Carrier and making it into a complete MCU development system!